About Schedix

Schedix is a "consumer behavior specialist" firm that consults business and startups to grow using consumer behavior and marketing strategies; for startups we provide them with equity based consultation and revenue based consultation as well. We provide you relevant and present consumer targeting strategies to reach consumers and grow your business. 


At Schedix we focus on building your consumer profile and strategies of how to reach those consumers using various behavioral targeting tactics to build your growth.

Vision: To know the consumers best for the business

Mission: To establish better consumer centric approaches for organizations.

Tagline: It's talking consumer, shaping brands


Founder: Anshu Singh

We founded Schedix because we wanted to create a trustworthy and inspiring brands that connects your business with your consumers. Our consumer-centric strategies differentiate us from consultants, we tend to provide you with a solutions which includes consumer psychological behavior, PR, attention economics etc.


Our service for you is to provide an effective and progressive consumer based solution in for *10x growth*, following are our services and offerings:-

1. Consumer-centric profit pricing

2. Consumer psychological branding

3. Public relations

4. Free marketing strategies

On to these 4 pillars we help your business/organization/startup to grow even in the time of crisis. Let consumer talk about your brand. Schedix; It's talking consumer, shaping brands.

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