Post Retirement Equity Option

Why rely on children for retirement expenditure when you can still become millionaire post retirement?

With "Post Retirement Equity Option" we help people above 50 years of age to share their knowledge + experience with startups and seed them to grow. You can associate yourself with startups as Director, Independent Directors, shareholders, Business Advisors etc. and help them with your years of expertise and knowledge to boost their growth. 


1. Age between 50 years to 70 years.

2. Willingness to share expertise to help startups to grow in exchange of equity.

3. If required then must obtain Directors Identification Number (99% of time you will require).

Terms and Condition

1. Vesting period at least 2 years or Series A funding round or as negotiated  with founders of startups.

2. Cannot hold more than 20% of equity in one startup.

3. Available to help startup on need basis.

4. No need to invest money in startup, just invest your knowledge and expertise, if want to invest money than be an "Angel investor in our network".

5. One time registration fees of INR. 10,000 and yearly fees of INR 15,000.

6. Exit fee 10% of whatever money you earned post vesting or exit per startup.

To apply for "POST RETIREMENT EQUITY OPTION" email your resume at  


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